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Bobby Edner

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Born: October 5, 1988 (USA)
Bio: Bobby's biggest roles to date were the cable movies "The Trial of Old Drum" and "The Day the World Ended". He also appeared in "The Muse" and has had many TV guest roles, including "Touched by an Angel", "7th Heaven", "Charmed", "J.A.G.", and "Judging Amy". Bobby is currently featured in "The Haunted Lighthouse", playing at Busch Gardens theme parks, and has a major role in the upcoming "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over" movie. Check out "", a very funny short film starring Bobby.
Selected Filmography: (click the link to view the DVD product page at )


Judging Amy "Judging Amy" (2002) Added 12/1/02
Do-Over "Do-Over" (2002) Added 12/1/02
J.A.G. "J.A.G." (2002) Added 11/10/02
Hey Arnold Commercials "Hey Arnold: The Movie" Commercials (2002) Added 7/28/02
Fruit Rollups Commercial Fruit Rollups Commercial (2002) Added 7/28/02
Gogurt Commercial Gogurt Commercial (2002) Added 7/28/02
Philly "Philly" (2002) Added 6/17/02
Baywatch "Baywatch" (1998) Added 6/17/02
The Day the World Ended "The Day the World Ended" (2001) Added 4/14/02
The Chronicle "The Chronicle" (2002) Added 3/3/02
7th Heaven "7th Heaven" (2002) Added 3/3/02
MadTV "Mad TV" (2001) Added 10/2/01
AAF Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" Video (2001) Updated 8/7/01
Providence "Providence" (2001) Added 2/25/01
Profiler "Profiler" (1998) Added 1/29/01
Charmed "Charmed" (2001) Added 1/20/01
Alaska Airlines Commercial Alaska Airlines Commercial (1998) Added 1/20/01
The Muse "The Muse" (1999) Added 1/20/01
Titus "Titus" (2001) Added 1/20/01
Touched by an Angel "Touched by an Angel" (1999) Added 4/18/00


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